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  1. Kevin Says:

    There are Voices In Your Head
    Research has found that we talk to ourselves over 50,000 times a day, everyday. That’s 375,000 times a week, 1,500,000 times a month, and 19,500,000 a year. And despite all the media stimulus shouting out at us constantly, conversations with our friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances, etc… Guess who we listen to the most attentively? Ourselves! This internal dialog goes on both on a cognitive level, as well as subconsciously. I recently heard two really amazing things from a coach of mine Jack Canfield. The first was an equation E+R=O. Now, this is not one of those tediously pointless algebra problems I so painfully remember working on in school, but is actually one of the most useful things I have heard in a long time. “E” is Effect, this is what happens to us. “R” is our response to that effect or action. The “O” is our outcome that occurs due to our Response to the Effect. In reality, we really have very little control over our “E’s”. Things happen to us regardless of what we do to try to shield ourselves from “LIFE”. Some are good and some are not so good. They happen without our consent everyday. The only thing we actually have control over is our Response, and that is what will ultimately determine our Outcome. Entertain me as I illustrate this simple example. I’m walking down the street and as I begin to cross, a car flies through the intersection and I jump out of the way. Ultimately, I’m sure you will agree it was my response to this reckless endangerment that absolutely determined my outcome and probably my existence. OK, a little overdramatic perhaps, but I got the point across.

    Let’s look at another example. I receive an opportunity to improve myself through a course of action, such as a business or employment opportunity, the Effect. I think about this possibility and how it may improve my situation financially, dramatically change my personal freedom, enhance my creativity, increase my potential for personal growth and get me out of my current stale job. As I ponder the positives, I start to evaluate how this change would dramatically move me out of my current job environment, away from the people I work with. What will they think about me? What if it doesn’t work out? How am I going to handle this change? What if I fail? Then, I’ll look like a loser. How am I going to get another job? Is this worth it? Maybe my job isn’t that bad, I do have some security. So…this seems a little too uncertain, I don’t feel too comfortable with things that are new anyway. I think I’ll pass. There’s the “R”, the Response. The Outcome is… I passed up an opportunity to completely change my life and exceed my potential and everything stays the same.

    “Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.”
    -William James

    The second thing I heard Jack Canfield say, in relation to our Response is this. There are only three things that we actually have control of in our lives.

    1) The things we say to ourselves, our inner dialog.
    2) The pictures we make in our head, our visualizations.
    3) Our response to our challenges, our actions.

    The amazing part of this whole concept is most people focus not on the Response, but on the Effect. Why’s this happening to me? This sucks! I don’t think this is fair. Well…you can’t blame me because Blank happened to me!
    Their Response is actually to focus on their effect.
    How Can I Use This?

    1) The things we say to ourselves, our inner dialog.
    Pay particular attention to your internal voice. Always state things in the Positive, Personal and Present-tense. Tell your self what you want…never what you don’t want! Example: I don’t want to want to blow this. Better Example: I do the very best I can. I got this one in the bag.

    2) The pictures we make in our head, our visualizations.
    See yourself accomplishing exactly what you want your outcome to be. You get what you focus on. If you focus on what you fear the outcome might be, your actions will accept that command and direct you exactly to that place.
    See what you want with conviction, you wouldn’t go into anything important physically with a so-so attitude. Don’t go into a mental playout with that attitude either, or you will get results that are congruent with that visualization.

    3) Our response to our challenges, our actions.
    Take action! Commit yourself to succeed. Positive thinking is good to a point, but in order to succeed you must act, respond, execute, perform, achieve, accomplish…assess, calculate, get off your butt and do it!

    “While we may not be able to control all that happens to us,
    we can control what happens inside us.”
    -Benjamin Franklin

    Have an outstanding week!
    Kevin Seaman

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