In this episode of MindCast we are going to take a deep look into how Emotions affect our Behavior in every thing we do. This Second Episode of this series continues with the second letter in BEHAVIOR, “E” for Emotions.


In this episode of MindCast we are going to start with what I think is the most powerful driving force a human being can possess and utilize. This First Episode begins with the first letter in BEHAVIOR, “B” for Beliefs.


In this 36th Episode of MindCast Mental Performance Coach, Author, and Speaker, Master Coach Kevin Seaman shares his 10 Key Principles you can use immediately to improve your quality of Life.


In this 35th episode Mind Coach, Kevin Seaman tells a candid story about how he developed as a coach and how his challenges and failures led him to discover some of the most simple, yet astounding principles that enabled him to succeed.


This episode gives you an Ah-Hah moment that will be invaluable if you choose to utilize the factors exemplified by Kevin in your Life.

In this 33rd Episode of the MindCast Show, Master Coach Kevin Seaman explains the remarkable shift in your consciousness and how it occurs with a shift in your paradigms. Did you know we actually live many different Life Phases? Did you also know that your insights and how you see things shift at every ONE of those phases?


In this Episode of MindCast Master Coach, Kevin Seaman talks about how our perception of something can deviate our ability to see the reality of that experience or behavior. He also dives deeply into the difference between perception vs reality, how you can be more cognitive in your perceived view to see the truth concealed in the furrows of your perceptual judgement, and WHY you may see things the way you do.


In this 31st episode of MindCast Mental Coach Kevin Seaman discusses the various ways fear can debilitate our outlook, our relationships, our personal performance and increase the stress and toxicity in our LIFE.


In this 30th episode of MindCast Mental Coach Kevin Seaman covers the seven forms of personal wealth. Listen as Kevin helps YOU discover the most invaluable forms of wealth a person can possess, and how to obtain and retain them, and grow your wealth to remarkable levels. Start your year off wealthy. ©2021 Centerline Press


In this 29th episode of MindCast Mental Coach Kevin Seaman illustrates the principles behind Occam’s Razor. Coach Seaman also discusses various ways this genius approach can change your outlook and simplify areas of your life.


In this 28th episode of MindCast Mental Coach Kevin Seaman looks deep into the term absorb what is useful and how it can enhance and affect your life now and in the future.


In this episode of MindCast, Mental Coach Kevin Seaman explains the value the Trusting Mindset holds for us in times of performance. This holds true to both physical performance athletically, and performance in areas of public speaking, submission of business proposals, or any action when there may be stress due to performance.


In this MindCast Mind Coach Kevin Seaman introduces some of his favorite methods for extended reinforcement and retention of positive behavioral changes, so we may experience the benefits of those positive adjustments that enhance our life.


In this 25th Episode of MindCast, Mind Coach Kevin Seaman introduces the concept of a Sticking Point and how it can Deadlock us in relation to overcoming a challenge or problem. He also goes into detail as to how sticking points prevent us from achieving things we attempt.


In this 24th Episode of MindCast, Mind Coach Kevin Seaman introduces the principles of Strategic Discipline, a three step personal management template that he has used to be more successful more often. Find out the four must-have essential qualities that will ensure better day-to-day performance, and as a result, a better outcome.


We listen at one or more of SEVEN basic receptions. Those levels of reception designate HOW you process what’s said. In this episode of MindCast, Mind Coach Kevin Seaman expands your perception of different forms with which you listen and why certain types of listening will dictate how a message is received.