The Discovery That Changed My Life Forever…

As the sweat rolled down my back, I was in a state of emotional desperation to accomplish my next goal, at breakneck speed and with precision; I focused with an intensity few can realize. My objective, to get the order for this next meal out!

As a production cook in a high volume restaurant, I busted my ass like this every night! I would work in 90+ degree temperatures, slinging scalding oils, slicing and chopping foods at an insane pace and literally running from broiler to oven to sauté pan for several solid hours straight.

When I was done with my shift, I would go back to my lonely studio apartment and sit in a daze. One night I just could NOT sleep. I looked in my junk drawer and then under the cushions in the couch to find some change for a coffee and doughnut and hit the street. Usually, I would go out and walk the streets aimlessly trying to figure out how I was going to make it from paycheck to paycheck…

I was walking down this dark street. I was racking my brain as to who could help me. Then it hit me… I WASN’T GOING TO MAKE IT and NO ONE WAS COMING TO THE RESCUE! If I was going to get out of this enslaved rut, I was going to have to find a way on my own.

I’d hit rock bottom emotionally and I needed to find a way to get myself out of this hamster wheel and really succeed. I went to the local library and read any magazines I could find on success. I read whatever I could to find out how other people had been successful and how I could do that too.

That’s when I first started studying HOW other people have made it. I mean, they have to leave clues, right?

That was when things started going really well for me. A couple of years later, I started my own business at now 23 years old in Santa Barbara, California and began making some serious headway. I had been able to do this by scraping every dime I had and using advances on credit cards (what a crazy risk that was). I spent every penny on this venture. My business was doing well for a few years and then it HIT! We lost our lease due to the building being sold. I was furious. I contacted an attorney and spent more money trying to fight this. I knew I didn’t have the capital to recover, pack up and start in a new location. The S**t hit the fan and we closed our doors. I had lost everything. I was distraught. I filed bankruptcy and went into the shadows.

Then It Happened…

I moved to Upstate New York with a friend and started trying to put my life back together. Here I was, back working in the kitchen again, this time for almost minimum wage. This time I had really hit Rock Bottom! This time it was emotionally, financially and physically! I started drinking and partying to forget my problems. I started gaining weight and getting out of shape. I’d lost all interest in myself improvement. I had NO car, a crappy job and lived in a farmhouse where I rented a room. Depression was creeping into my life and I didn’t care.

I was so distraught and disgusted with my situation that I started thinking about WHAT had led me to this place in my life? I mean, I was ready to give up.

Did I give up? No! I wanted to…but I knew if I could do this once, I could do it again.

I started over from scratch, I studied as much as I could about people who succeed.  This sparked something in me very familiar and thought…if I could do this once, I could do it again. I started studying the science of personal development in more depth and learned the magic found doing things that made the biggest impact on my success. It was right there in my MIND.

You mean like psychological stuff?

Yes! As crazy as this sounds…I learned how to communicate with myself more effectively, that magnified my confidence, and that compounded my success astronomically! It ignited something in me that day that changed me forever! I started reading everything I could find on Profound Knowledge, Personal Development, self-talk and get this, the science of NLP. What’s NLP? It’s Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a form of internal communication developed by a communication expert and an authority on linguistics. It literally teaches you to communicate what you want to yourself and directs your subconscious to help you achieve it!

I was happier, I started another business and decided to live life to its fullest. I don’t know if it’s perfect, but I have a pretty great life.

How did I do that?

By using positive thinking? Now, I’m all for being positive and stuff, but come on, how can that change your life so dramatically? Being positive is important, but that’s NOT enough. I’m talking about reprogramming yourself, developing strategic plans and then taking ACTION to accomplish 10X what you ever have. Listen, I accomplish more in one week than most people do in a YEAR! It is your mind that will get you the kind of results you deserve in your life. That’s how I got to this point in my life and I will never turn back, ever! This is very powerful stuff!

Profound Knowledge? Communicate more effectively? Strategic plans? What?

How crazy is that? Crazy Smart, that’s how!


That was the secret…and I found it. I studied with some of the TOP Coaches. I read everything I could. I read over 200 books on the subject. I began a regimen of goal setting and achievement that changed the direction of my life, I was persistent and I started to see results, real results!

Decades later, I no longer work in a hot kitchen…I work for myself, I have a great life, I’ve achieved 8 Black Belt Levels in 7 different martial arts, became a World Champion and I am happier than I’ve ever been. I’m healthy, I make a six-figure income, have a great marriage, and this is the most amazing part…I do what I LOVE for a living. At 64 years old, I travel around the world teaching people how to achieve greater success and happiness in their life using the technology I have discovered…and now I am going to teach it to you!

Okay, how am I going to do that?

You see, through those 30+ years, I became a coach. Well, okay, not just a coach. A Master Coach. I traveled around doing Mental Performance Workshops and coaching athletes and business people. (I’ve done well over 250 workshops and seminars) People would tell me, “What you showed me changed my life. You need to put this stuff in a book.”

So, that is exactly what I did. I put it in this book and now thousands of people have access to this information. I have also worked one-on-one with many people and had phenomenal results.

Ask Yourself… Do I Want More Success And Happiness In My Life?

Stop what you’re doing and try this.
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