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A Winning Experience

May 28, 2008
Review By Robin Liberatore
(New York, USA)
The Winning Mind Set is a journey not only for yourself but to improve your performance that will encourage others around you. There are so many self-help books out there that push the same message, but TWMS puts everyday encounters into perspective and enlightens you as to how to apply them. Your attitude and thoughts will ultimately determine your outcome and if you live with this simple but yet poignant mantra, you will see your life take a positive turn. I have seen my business grow since I read the book and encourage others to do the same. The mind is more powerful than you realize and The Winning Mind Set is the catalyst to jumpstart your thinking.
Liberatone Advantage
Pro*Formance Nutrition

"The ideas & principles found within The Winning Mind Set have been an important part of my success as a Professional Athlete. I highly recommmend the book, except for my future opponents!"

Erik "Chainsaw" Charles
Professional MMA Competitor

Great information that every student-athlete should know..I found it especially interesting as a psychology major and gymnast. Mind set and mental preparation play a huge role in gymnastics. I'm recommending this class to my teammates...On a personal note, I had a PERSONAL BEST PERFORMANCE on vault this year, broke the Cornell school record, WON the Ivy League Championships, and received ALL-AMERICAN HONORS at the USAG Collegiate Nationals! ...I was pleasantly surprised that the techniques WORKED!

-- Rachel Goldberg, Cornell Gymnastics Team Member, 2004 All American Gymnast

Thank you very much for my lesson prior to the 2002 Empire State Games competition. The advise and techniques you taught were responsible for my profound success, far above what I thought could be achieved....In one race, I was seeded 7th in my age group. My qualifying time was bettered by 30 seconds (in the 200 meter event) and I ended up in third place
My 5 medals (3 bronze/2 silver) from those 5 events were a far greater accomplishment than I ever deemed possible. Thanks for your sage advice, and I am forever grateful for your service.

- Dr. Michael C. Kennedy, Swimming Champion, Empire State Gold Medalist

Thank you for all your on going motivation and strength, it has really made a difference in my mental preparations.
-Mari Kudla

Personal Training Specialist and Fitness Model /True Bodies Physique Athlete of the Year 2005

Mr. Seaman's abilities are exceptional...I give Mr. Seaman my highest recommendation for working in the field of performance coaching and working with athletes of all ages and skill levels.

- Timothy A. Lamey, Exercise Physiologist, Cornell Wellness Program

The "Winning Mind Set Tips" keep giving me a deeper knowledge and understanding of the mind, which I personally use during my own physical activities, on photo shoots and as a Personal Trainer! The Winning Mind Set will set you and me apart from the rest!!!

-Majken Poulsen

I'm out here training at the Canadian National Cycling Center and next year I should be racing with the National team. It's been pretty amazing how much has changed over the last two years. In 2003, I was struggling just to finish in local races at the lowest category.This summer I was racing against the best in North America. I truly believe that this turn around was due in large part to the mental skills you taught me. My training may not have changed very much, but my attitude toward my training and racing was entirely different. I consider the skills that you helped teach me to be some of my most valuable assets as an athlete.

Trevor Conner
Canadian National Cycling Team

"After a frustrating Junior year playing hockey at Cornell I had an opportunity to work with Kevin on a one on one basis. Although Kevin admitted to not having have much of a hockey background he introduced me to his Winning Mind Set approach and tailored it to my game. His insights on visualization along with teachings on how to utilize self talk really helped progress my game and build confidence. The Winning Mind Set allowed me to become more mentally tough and brought more assertiveness and consistency to my game which is vital at the pro level."

Charlie Cook
Professional Hockey Player

I would highly encourage my friends, students and employees to participate in this class. It has a clear outline and focus on increasing self awareness and responsibility to make the changes necessary to open our path to achievement. Kevin is a very interesting, personable, and engaging instructor. This course has offered some excellent concepts on self development that can be applied to any aspect of your life. I have found a number of great ideas that I believe are going to increase my successes in all aspects of my life. FANTASTIC!

Bert Adams, Fitness Trainer
Cornell Fitness Centers

Thank you for giving me advice on how to be a better athlete mentally and physically. With the advice a exercises you showed me, I have improved my performance out on the water.

Clinton Bolton
Professional "Best Team" Kitesurfer
2005 US Kiteboarding Champion

Hi Kevin,
My name is Lydia Haskell and I'm a professional Fitness & Figure competitor in the IFBB. I love getting your articles in my inbox, I save all of them. This article could not have come at a more perfect time for me. Thanks so much, you have motivated me soooo much with this one as with all the others. Thanks!

After 40 years of being afraid of competitions, including when I was on the track team in high school, I decided to see what it was all about - the mindset of the competitor who relishes the actual event. I set my sights on a dance competition. Kevin helped me to objectively take a look at my own fears, regrets, blocks and hesitations, and deal with them, distinguishing inner lies from truths. I was extremely pleased to have made semi-finals, but more importantly, i felt completely comfortable on the competition floor, and totally psyched. This was my main objective. I also felt completely comfortable in the days preceding - i dealt with whatever arose in my mind - and it was a lot of stuff! Seeing my name on that semi-finals list made me feel pretty darn good. My multi-level strategy worked pretty good. Kevin,  thanks for showing me how to just get my hands under the hood of my own mind, and to focus on strategizing to achieve my goals. Of course, I have a revised strategy for definitely making finals the next time! Kevin and The Winning Mindset rocks!

Kurt Lichtmann


I truly enjoyed the opportunity to work with one of the BEST instructors I have ever met. Kevin's knowledge, enthusiasm, overall passion for what he teaches and truly believes in is evident.

-Jason Bond
former New York State diving champion


This is John, the basketball coach from Groton.  I purchased several of your books and gave them as holiday gifts this season.  The book has been awesome for me as far as my personal and professional life is concerned.  I have seldom read a book that contains such practical and effective strategies for improvement and success.


John Filzen


"The Winning Mind Set is a fantastic vehicle to self improvement. Not only do I use the techniques in my personal life, making me a better husband and father, but the foundation and discipline it provides has helped me tremendously in keeping my business afloat in a very competitive industry. This is one book that will not gather much dust as I anticipate rereading chapters on a regular basis. No matter your background, career or current place in life you will benefit from reading The Winning Mind Set."

Dan McCarthy
Independent Businessman

My friend Kevin Seaman is a man who changes the world, one person at a time, through his concepts, his teachings, by inspiration of those who are fortunate enough to connect with him.

There are some of us who have part or all of what it takes to succeed, however each of us may define success:  the intelligence, the abilities, the skills (physical, mental, emotional).  We may have visions, we may have goals.  We may have a spiritual foundation.  Yet the great majority of us don’t ever really reach the level that our unfettered mind would call “success” or winning.  Kevin attributes this to a mindset, a set of ingrained attitudes, or as a teacher of mine said many years ago, in the context of solving engineering problems, “fictitious constraints.”

Kevin, in his book “The Winning Mind Set”   shows us how to replace our old mindsets with new, powerfully effective ones and old habits and behaviors with new ones that don’t allow us to limit ourselves.   This book demands interaction from the reader.  Although you may already consider yourself highly successful, if you read “The Winning Mind Set”  and participate along the way, you will develop possibilities, visions, goals that you never thought possible, and you will learn behaviors that will help you reach them, and beyond.

- Peter Novelli
          consulting structural engineer
            blues- rock guitarist

"A compelling and important work...The Winning Mind Set is not just a book you read, it is a goal setting workshop to reach your highest potential. I highly recommend this collaboration by Kevin Seaman and Jim Brault that has given us the proven tools to achieve any goal we set for ourselves."

Sifu Luigi Cuellar
Nubreed Martial Arts Academy

In retirement I used Winning Mind Set techniques to attain a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, which had never seemed possible.  My health also has improved!  I recommend the book for unlocking powers in all aspects of life. So much good material gathered together in one place.  Thanks for all your hard work and efforts.

Marguerite Mizelle,
Professional Business Woman and Musician



Thank you for helping me to realize my potential, and to continually strive to exceed my expectations.
I wish you all the best in your future.

-Mira MacLennan
Co-Captain Cornell “Big Red” Soccer


This book distills powerful wisdom on personal acheivement into an exceedingly readable style. While there are a thousand books that teach, or attempt to teach, similar subjects, this book is unique its is comprehensiveness, its applicability to everyday life, and its practical edge (each chapter includes exercises for using the information just provided). You could buy a library of books, attend dozens of seminars, or just read, re-read, and live by this book.

Aaron Franklin

I really must say thank you for your ideals and concepts that you bring forth in the Winning Mind Set. These have truly helped me in my martial arts career, as well as my personal life. I am doing things I never thought possible, and only dreamed of doing. I've started taking college courses again!!! I highly recommend this book, to everyone. Thanks again!

Patrick Kelley

Hi Kevin,
It's been quite a while. How has everything been going with your book and web site?

I wanted to let you know that I've followed your advice and pursued my dream of working in sports. I interviewed with some finance positions last semester and got a few offers, but I realized that I'd rather be happy when I go to work than be paid well, so I turned them down to try to find something in sports.

Just this past weekend I got an offer to work for the St. Louis Blues, so I'll be starting my career there. I want to eventually end up in baseball, but the hardest job in sports to get is your first, so hopefully I've just overcome the biggest hurdle.
I wanted to thank you for all your help and advice during my freshman year. Good luck with everything.

Steve Shaner

If you're mind's not in it, you won't be able to perform at your peak. Using techniques from The Winning Mindset can unlock talents you never thought you could have. The Winning Mind Set teaches you effective techniques that allow you to understand yourself better, believe in yourself, assess your performance, and bounce back from defeats.
As a competitive cyclist, triathlete, and runner, I have benefitted greatly from the techniques in The Winning Mind Set, and recommend it to athletes and students at all levels

David Miller
Competitive Cyclist

Kevin, you are a highly organized, intuitive coach. Your teaching ability and style makes it easy to understand and absorb the material. I have used the techniques you taught me to improve my performance and excel beyond my previous capability. Excellent program, worth ten times what I paid.

-Dr. John H. Sherman
Hey Kevin,
I’m sure you’ve heard this a few times before, but thank you for jumpstarting my life, more specifically, my dreams and goals!...It's great to have you in this world, your admired, cherished and I hold you very highly in my life as a mentor and friend. Thank you for the examples you have set forth. I'll be in touch along the way on the high seas.
-Zachariah James Rath
Professional Chef

Kevin's book is required reading for all of my athletes. We spend so much time training our bodies, but don't pay as much attention to the most critical element- the Mind. TWMS creates an easy to follow road map to success that we refer back to all the time

Scotty Green
Shamrock Wrestling

The Winning Mind Set is a comprehensive yet readable guide to the human mind, essential to those that need to motivate themselves and/or others.
Many times while reading the book I thought to myself 'yes, I have that bad habit' and then there is always a clearly defined recipe for how to fix it. The analysis of the human thought process and how to modify it is logical and most importantly, works!

Any book that teaches you that you can do anything you want, and helps you gain the self-confidence and skills to really make it happen, is a Winner.

Gregg Stiesberg

This is a great inspirational book. I continue to use it often as a reference book. As far as self help books this one is a must have, one of the best ones on the market. As an amatuer runner in my 50's this book has helped me complete many running events that I never thought possible at my age plus more! Whether it be personal or athletic this book covers it all.

Dino Centra
Syracuse Florist

If you only buy one book this year....This is the one to get!
I love this book. The personal stories, the step-by-step instructions for all the exercises...make this book a useful tool and amazing resource. I find myself reaching for this book on a nearly daily basis, for insight, inspiration, or studying. This book has given me courage, strength, new understanding and I highly recommend this book. I have personally purchased several copies of this book and have given it to friends and family as gifts. I also have the audio version of the text and listen to it nearly everytime I drive in the car. Even a quick trip to the store is prime time for listening.

J Sullivan

Absolutely Outstanding!
I have personally found this book to be outstanding. I have used many parts of this book to help improve various areas of my life. From my own personal goals to actually using The Winning Mind Set book to help me start my own business.

I have found it to be an invaluable source of information to help me with the various tasks I deal with on any given day. From helping me set goals and objectives for my business to helping friends reach conclusions to various issues in their own lives, this book is phenominal.

It's straight forward and easy to use. I have gone back over the book several different times and even listened to the audio book on many long drives.
Each time I return to it, I find something new that I can apply to my personal or business life.
I have also started to teach my 11 year old some of the principles in the book. I'm sure they will come to help her to achieve her academic and personal goals, giving her some very powerful tools that she'll be able to use for life.
I don't see how anyone could go wrong with reading this book.
I wish to personally thank the authors.

Chris Thompson
Emipre Training Blades

Incredibly useful and applicable, I was recommended this book by a friend and I've thanked that person many times. I feel that if you can get one useful piece of information from a book then it was worth reading, this book is packed full of valuable information that one can use to make their life and/or performance go to the next level. We can all perform better when we have a "Winning Mind Set!"

Harry A. Derr III

I train with Mr. Seaman regularly during Cornell's school year.  His training techniques are undoubtedly solid--in terms of both the physical and mental spectrum.

His methodology develops a deep understanding of specific movement, and in a way that the student is reminded of the bigger picture.  Moreover, his training fosters a willingness to learn, and most importantly, improve toward one's true potential.  This personal empowerment is where the true power lies--transcending kinesthetics and affecting positive character development.

Mark Schrader
COE Business Manager, Cornell University

This is one of my favorite books on developing a powerful mental game. Written by two great martial artists Kevin Seaman and Jim Brault.

I use this book as part of my daily training regimen and can say without a doubt that it helped me gain the confidence and mental edge to win the Michigan Fight League Lightweight Title.

-Chris Malgeri
Michigan Fight League Lt. Wt. Champion
Martial Arts Unlimited