What are the qualities necessary to create a visceral drive and response to real challenges?
I will share with you the same qualities I've taught to World Champions!

• Having a clear and substantial belief of who you are and your objectives.
• Your explanatory style, the way you communicate with yourself and mentally process the things that happen to you.
• Learning how to take personal responsibility for everything you do, successfully or not.
• Reframing the questions you ask to provide better answers.
• Changing your associations by adjusting your mental pictures, inner communication and kinesthetic expression.

Developing Mental Toughness
is a systemized, comprehensive program geared to expand and improve the participant’s ability to cope in high stress situations, such as competitive environments, performance opportunities, pivotal career points, etc. The program is a perfect fit for high achiving athletes, students and business people that must perform at the highest level in the competitive world we live in. We will teach you the secrets of inner confidence, emotional calm and the mental clarity that comes with the components Mental Toughness and how it will give you the EDGE to blow by the competition or excel at your personal and career challenges. In addition to the definition and clarification of Mental Toughness why it's crucial to your happiness, success, mental and physical health and longevity, the seminar will teach the principles and strategies necessary to develop and maintain; for the long-term, that one ingredient that defines greatness, Mental Toughness! This seminar will make you wonder how you ever got this far, thinking the way you did.
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About The Teacher

Kevin Seaman has been an educator for 25 years in the field of human performance. His enthusiastic style of teaching and communication has made him a sought after speaker and course instructor in both formal and informal education. Kevin has been on the teaching staff at Cornell University for nearly 15 years and been a guest presenter at The Prestigious MBA Fellowship at The Johnson School of Business at Cornell, Cornell Wellness, and Cornell Fitness, as well as, exclusive Performance Coach for the PKRA World Cup in Caberete, Dominican Republic, and many others. His book The Winning Mind Set will be integrated as the text for the program. Kevin has presented over 250 seminars, workshops and presentations to enthusiastic audiances, spanning over 15 years.