Who's Kevin?

Kevin Seaman has taught on the instructional staff in the Physical Education Department at Cornell since 1993, where he has presented a credit course entitled The Winning Mind Set since 2002. Kevin has written dozens of articles featured in national and international magazines. He is currently on the writing staff of contributors for Bodybuilding.com, the largest website for professional and amateur bodybuilders in the United States.

Kevin is a guest lecturer and workshop presenter for numerous business, educational, sports and recreational organizations including the Johnson School of Business MBA Fellowship at Cornell University and exclusive Performance Coach for the Professional Kiteboarders at 2005 PKRA World Cup held in Caberete, DR. Kevin is an affiliate of Brian Tracy International. He has presented over 250 workshops, seminars and group presentations to date. In addition to this, his study and application of the art and science of personal achievement and performance coaching has spanned over two decades. He has taught his Winning Mind Set Principles helping to empower thousands of students of all ages on both an academic and vocational level for over 30 years.

Kevin R. Seaman began his martial arts training in 1970 in Southern California. To date he has achieved advanced instructor levels in seven different martial arts systems and is a certified boxing coach, certified police defensive tactics instructor, and published author.

Kevin has extensive experience in the education and coaching of amateur and professional competitors in Thai boxing, kickboxing, boxing, shootwrestling, NHB, UFC and full contact stickfighting. He has had a positive influence on the athletic careers of thousands of athletes, including high school and collegiate athletes, Empire Games medallists, national champions, All Americans, international champions, and Golden Gloves State Champions, as well as dozens of professional athletes. Kevin owned and operated his 5.300 sq. ft. Premiere Martial Arts Training Facility and Gym, the East West Martial Arts Academy for nearly 20 years.

Kevin is a three-time Hall of Fame inductee, being inducted into the ZDK, AMA and World Martial Arts Hall of Fame's. In 2001, he was honored for a Diamond Lifetime Achievement Award in Atlantic City, at the largest Black Tie event of it's kind, in the history of the martial arts.

Kevin has competed in the martial arts on a regional, national, and international level for over a decade, and was an "Eastern National Champion" in both floor forms and full contact sparring. At the age of 37, Mr. Seaman was a World Champion Silver Medallist in full contact stickfighting competing in Southeast Asia at the 1992 World, Kali, Arnis Championships at the Aquino Memorial Stadium in Manila, Philippines.

About Kevin's Co-Author

Jim Brault
Since 1978, Jim Brault has sought out and shared methods for realizing more of ones’ potential. His work has taken led him to study a variety of disciplines, including clinical, developmental, physiological and behavioral psychology, meditation, yoga, Neuro-Associative Conditioning TM, Neuro-Linguistic Programming TM, Qigong, Hypnotherapy, Organizational Development, Organizational Behavior, and a number of martial arts. Jim holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Binghamton University, and a Master’s Degree in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University. Jim began his study of martial arts in 1983. He earned a second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and is a certified instructor in Wing Chun Kung Fu. For four years he owned and operated a franchise of Anthony Robbins, helping thousands of people through the personal development and sales training programs. Jim is a certified instructor in Kundalini Yoga and meditation, and is the author of Lessons from the Masters: Seven Keys to Peak Performance and Inner Peace. He currently is a Director of Human Resources for Eastman Kodak, and lives with his wife and three children in Rochester, NY.